Pro Tanto Quid (PTQ) was launched in 1927. The publication contains jokes, cartoons and satirical articles, and was traditionally popular with students and the general public alike. Although some of the humour may be earthy and somewhat unoriginal, most potential critics are prepared to overlook these shortcomings because of the prime objective behind the production of the magazine – namely, the raising of funds for local charities.

RAG magazines are not unique, with many University’s across the United Kingdom producing their own controversial satirical RAG publications – however QUB Rag’s PTQ is the longest running of all these and has been regarded as a collector’s item over the years.

The PTQ publication has been traditionally associated with its ‘cover girls’, which were introduced to great acclaim in 1949, although the title of ‘Miss PTQ’ was not bestowed until 1956. The Miss PTQ annual beauty pageant took place in Whitla Hall where students and members of the public could compete for the coveted crown. There has been a Miss PTQ in every subsequent publication whilst, in the name of gender equality, the introduction of a Mr PTQ from 1987 onwards has also proven to be popular with students and the general public.

The PTQ publication was traditionally sold in towns across Northern Ireland and beyond by a team of travelling RAG volunteers. This practice has been discontinued.

The PTQ is currently on hiatus, with the last publication being released in 2014. It is our plan over the next while to start looking at possibly uploading historical copies online to this website, however there are issues surrounding copyright which may make this impossible.

We are currently not able to provide historical copies as we do not have any. The University Arvhice currently keeps one copy of every PTQ since it’s founding, these are of course for archiving purposes and not for sale. All queries relating to historical copies of the PTQ should be directed to the University Archivist, Ursula Mitchel | 028 9097 6237 |

All queries relating to possible future copies should be directed to