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What is QUB Raise & Give?

Queen’s University Belfast Raise & Give (QUB RAG) is the official fundraising group of Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union. This group is entirely student led on a voluntary basis and so prides itself on creativity and fundraising that is slightly beyond the norm. QUB Raise & Give can also boast to being the organiser of the largest Pub Crawl in the UK & Ireland, hosting its annual Fresher’s Pub Crawl at the beginning of each academic year for unsuspecting first years. We aim not only to be the leading student fundraising team at Queen’s, but also to be a source of advice and support to the many charitable groups based at the University and beyond.

Get in touch, our mailbox is always open: su.rag@qub.ac.uk


QUB Raise & Give Charities

Every year, we fundraise for four local charities every year and one International Charity Partner who provide global volunteering opportunities. The charity selection process begins around January every year – keep an eye on the news section of our website to access our application form. These applications are shortlisted to eight, who then go to an all-student vote in March.

The 2017/18 QUB Raise & Give charities are: PIPS, Shelter NI, Tz Rising and South Belfast Foodbank.


How to Get Involved

QUB Raise and Give meets every Monday at 6pm during term time in The Space of Queen’s Students’ Union (just ask at reception where The Space is and they’ll direct you!). Meetings will usually consist of us discussing upcoming events, allocating responsibilities for organising events, how we can best promote events – and most importantly we have lots of craic!

Get in touch, our mailbox is always open: su.rag@qub.ac.uk or search for us on social media (FB/Twitter @QUBRAG | Instagram/Snapchat: QUB_RAG)

If you’re a past student/alumni of QUB Raise and Give – we are looking at implementing an Alumni Committee – again, just give us a shout on su.rag@qub.ac.uk if you’re interested.



QUB Raise & Give is one of the oldest in the UK & Ireland – going way back to the foundations of the University in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Over the years, QUB Raise & Give has become an integral part of Queen’s, with an entire week in the second semester of every year labelled ‘Raise & Give (RAG) Week’ and every student being given a ‘Raise & Give (RAG) Day’ where they’re free from classes to do something charitable. Past RAGgies have included former President of Ireland Mary McAlese and the Godfather of Punk Terri Hooley – have a look at photos from RAG Day 1971.

QUB Raise & Give has also produced the annual joke magazine ‘The PTQ’ since the early 20th century. This is the longest running RAG magazine in the UK and Ireland and has become a collectors item. PTQ, meaning, ‘Pro Tanto Quid’ is taken from the motto of the Belfast City Coat of Arms, “Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus” which can be translated as, “what shall we give in return for so much”. For more information on The PTQ visit our PTQ page.


Meet The 2017/18 Team

President: Paul Loughran
Vice President (Acting): Robert Stewart
Treasurer: Faisal Kadiri (QUB SU Vice President Student Activities)
The rest of the Committee are yet to elected.


Past Teams

President: Nathan McKenna
Charities: Aware NI, Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary, Children in Crossfire, Cruse NI, Childreach International (International Partner)
Fundraising Total: £75,362

President: Hannah Bates
Charities: MS Society NI, Guide Dogs NI, No More Traffik, Belfast Samaritans, Childreach International (International Partner)
Fundraising Total: £52,000

President: Connor Malone
Charities: Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI, SOS BUS NI, Autism NI, Aware Defeat Depression, Childreach International (International Partner)
Fundraising Total: £115,000

Co-Presidents: Fergal McFerran & Michael Kelly
Charities: NI Chest Heart & Stroke, Age NI, Macmillan Cancer Support, The Michaela Foundation, Childreach International (International Partner)
Fundraising Total: £109,000

President: Amy Keegan
Charities: Clic Sargent NI, Buddy Bear Trust, Simon Community NI, SHINE, Childreach International (International Partner)
Fundraising Total: £100,000


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